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Hi, this is Tora Tora Tora! Version 0.0.6

Hello, this is a project that I am doing in these times of quarantine, it will be free and available to download and play as I develop it.

My name is Santiago Gonzalez, I use Blitz3d to develop my games, my contact email is santiago3d@gmail.com

I am very grateful to the people who are helping me, and to those who have contributed, their contribution is immense to me! THANK YOU !!!

Version History.

Version 0.0.6 22 april 2020

- add Cockpit 3D with gauges and other details, with texture shadows.
- add altimeter, speed, climb, compass, rpm,  clock, heading, horizont, roll, turn speed,     acelerator and other stuff in the 3d cockpit.
- working in pre.briefing mission options.
- add altitude limitation, more high less sustentation.
- add new ammunition mesh and effect glow, looks better now.
- add discret glow shinny in propeller effect
- improve pilot view, when you look back the camera moves to a side
- add metalic reflection texture

Version 0.0.5    16 april 2020

- The game has a new name: Tora Tora Tora!
- add Discord server https://discord.gg/bjD3bz
- add Instagram https://www.instagram.com/toratoratoraofficial/

- add new model of Akagi japan carrier
- add Proppeller mesh and texture for high rev. effect.
- add camera zoom keys (Sup - end - Av.Pag.) (x1 - x1.5  - x2)
- add Hook for landing on carriers [H] Key (not working yet, only visual)
- improve iilot camera roll 
- add [CTRL] + [S] save screenshots in game\screenshot folder.
- Improve a little the physic of airplanes
- Improve the collision with carriers
- add Japan voice when you recibe radio - no sence voice.
- add movement and roll to the ships


Version 0.0.4 10 april 2020
- add campaign map (Work in progress)
- add units in campaign map
- add Island
- Add bases in campaign to capture the flag
- fix seaplane far from camera
- add master world translator (this allow to have very big scenarys witout see shake triangles and vertexs
- fix negative millisecs() in some modern computers
- Add Radio Send messages [R] key
- Add Radio log message
- Add encripter enemy msg function (%) 
- add exit to windows msg when press exit

The idea is to make a campaign game in which one must capture bases and destroy the enemy fleet until successful. or manage to attack and destroy the main base of the enemy side.
Fleets are groups of ships.
The aircraft carriers, or battleship, will be the fleet leaders.
Air missions can be generated at any time of the campaign such as:

- Bomb defending enemies on islands
- Attack enemy ships or convoys
- Bombard airfields or islands
- Air patrol to discover new enemy contacts
- Reconnaissance (missions to obtain intelligence of the situation of an island or of enemy fleet positions)


Campaign map KEYS
[SPACE] over fleet to create a mission
[U] to Ungroup a ship of the fleet

oher new keys
[R] Radio windows
[E] Equipament
[M] Map
[ESC] exit 

If you have incompatibilitys please send me a mail, with your oparation sistem, windows, and screenshots to santiago3d@gmail.com

Sorry my english.... :)


Version 0.0.2    3 abril 2020

- Infinite Scenary Ocean, fixed the problem when you are far from 0,0,0
- Landing collision physics
- Bombs  Damage improve
- Torpedos
- External Tank Fuel
- Wings External tank fuel
- Aircraft Equipamente (KEY [E]) when you are stopped in the aircraft carrier.
- MAP improve, mouse zoom (Enemy units position report with visual contact)
- Mission PATROL
- Fuel consume improve, more realistics and change with the altitud
- Carrier
- Battleship
- Destroyer
- Heavy cruiser
- Light cruiser
- Minesweper
- Minelayer
- Small patrol
- Submarine
- Corvete
- Gunboat

Use DirectX, windows XP or newer :).

W-S power
A-D - rudder
ARROWS - elevator and spoilers
SPACE guns
ENTER bombs
B Brakes
F flaps
G Gear landing
V hide show hud
C Camera
Q Reset view
LEFT + SHIFT show physics node

Comments, ideas, contributions you want to make will be welcome.

hope it works well for you

Use BLITZ3D - blitz Basic
FASTLIBS for shadows.

My email is santiago3d@gmail.com

site indiesoft.com.ar


Updated 3 days ago
GenreSimulation, Action
Tagsari-combat, combat, fligh, japan, pacific-conflict, War, ww2, zero
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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OK, this is pretty cool. It has a a chance to make it big, there are no new pacific fighter games out there! I hope to keep in touch with this project. :)

Thank you for your message! it's very encouraging!
I will appreciate any comment or feedback you have, I am working hard to carry the project forward.

i share you the discord channel

regards! and thanks !!